The TITAN Project

TITAN will provide an extensive platform for the development of a wide range of innovations that aid transparency and address societal and planetary health to make the food system fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

This 4-year project will deliver transparency solutions in the areas of food safety and authenticity, traceability, health and sustainability, and improving information to the consumer.

TITAN will develop 15 innovative solutions including exploiting DNA-based Rapid Detection Methods, Blockchain, AI, and IoT to

  • enhance transparency in agri-food businesses with a focus on SMEs,
  • improve food choices by providing more transparent information to the consumer,
  • enhance food safety and authenticity of products and
  • provide improved information on the health and sustainability of food products.

The project includes the provision of an extensive tender for an open call (€1.25M), that will be open at the end of 2023, to provide a fertile breeding ground of ideas and solutions for businesses to thrive within the new strategy of the European Green Deal.

TITAN comprises a broad mix of cutting-edge technology providers SMEs and start-ups, linked to leading research centers and agri-food stakeholders. The project is led by industry-facing, not-for-profit organizations with extensive outreach capabilities within Europe and beyond that will enhance the transferability and upscaling, and impact of TITAN solutions and provide the building blocks of a demand-driven economy that provides healthy, sustainable, and accessible food for its citizens.

TITAN has the following objectives:

  • To develop and demonstrate co-created food transparency solutions that improve the safety and authenticity of our food.
  • To provide a range of co-created demonstrated transparency initiatives and solutions that will facilitate consumers making improved food choices.
  • To provide food stakeholders with fit-for-purpose, state-of-the-art solutions for increasing and monitoring transparency in the food system.
  • To ensure all solutions are co-created, demand-driven, and applicable to small and large business.
  • To develop a fertile and vibrant network of transparency technology businesses that will form the basis of a European incubator of next-generation food transparency solution providers for realizing the EU FTF strategy within the EGD.
  • To engage, communicate and disseminate innovative solutions to inform stakeholders and maximize upscaling, transferability, exploitation, and take-up.