ChefChain has industry-specific knowledge about the issues surrounding the hospitality industry, and their mission is to bring transparency, traceability, and ownership to the industry through the use of blockchain technology. They have extensive knowledge about blockchain architecture and the use cases in several industries and projects. Maurizio, the CTO, also has specialisations in web and API management and security, as well as backup and recovery solutions and telecommunications, making him a versatile asset for all kinds of challenges. He has worked on projects in India, Kuwait, Qatar, Sweden, South Africa, the United Kingdom and more. From fintech projects with banks and other financial institutions to projects in industries such as automotive, telco, news, government, or defence – from simple health checks to complex architecture designs and implementations.

Our goals are:

  • Drive Transparency in the food chain from Farm to fork
  • Democratize data that allows the customer to make conscious choices
  • Disrupt the short supply chain for the benefit of the farmer – chef – consumer

Our role in Titan is to connect consumers with farmers, through local ingredients used at top, 5 caterers and festivals from sustainability’s perspective, and their traceability blockchain.