Flevofood is a network association composed of and built for food companies in Flevoland. The association wants to be an enabler and facilitator to stimulate food products and consumption in Flevoland and Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA) and ensure benefits in all aspects of the regional food supply chain. We do this by actively promoting Flevoland’s food products, and by developing knowledge while establishing sustainable partnerships.

Flevofood works on a new (alternative) food system whereby the farmers get an honest price for their food. We do that by connecting the city to the rural land. If consumers know where their food comes from, they are willing to pay a slightly higher price. One thing that needs to be secured in that case is a chain of trust. Consumers have the need to know where their food origins and what the benefits are for themselves, their surroundings, and the environment. All this could be covered with our B-FRESH blockchain platform. Our members will, at the end, benefit from it.

Our goals are:

  • We are proud of our Flevofood products and promote these together to increase sales;
  • Through collaboration and networking we are increasing knowledge;
  • Through improving logistical operations and capturing value of residual flows within the region, we work more efficiently;
  • We want to create less food waste and achieve as few food miles as possible.

Our role in Titan is to connect consumers with farmers, through local ingredients used at top 5 caterers and festivals from sustainability’s perspective, and their traceability blockchain.