Huggin Munin LTD is a data analytics company specialising in advanced AI models for demand forecasting and route optimization. Our expertise encompasses the integration of machine learning, data analytics, and logistics software, aimed at significantly improving supply chain operations.

Within the scope of the Titan project, our AgriSyncAI initiative is designed to validate and enhance the Agricom solution, which combines AI-driven demand forecasting, advanced route optimization, and interactive consumer engagement tools. Our goal is to effectively close the gap between supply and demand, thereby increasing efficiency and minimizing waste.

Agricom is positioned to deliver substantial advantages throughout the agricultural value chain. By facilitating waste reduction and optimizing production for farmers, improving inventory management for retailers, and providing consumers with sustainable food options, we contribute to the creation of more resilient supply chains, economic stability, and improved environmental sustainability. These efforts are in line with TITAN’s commitment to fostering a transparent, efficient, and environmentally friendly food supply chain.

Preliminary pilot studies have demonstrated the potential for a 13% reduction in food waste and an 18% improvement in supply chain efficiency, indicating significant progress towards our goals of economic and environmental sustainability. Looking forward, we are dedicated to scaling our solutions globally, meeting a range of agricultural needs, and driving continuous innovation in AI and data analytics.