Microfy Systems, S.L is a company who specializes in developing disruptive technologies for the food sector. A group of talented professionals with extensive knowledge and experience covering different fields of engineering, including electronics, mechanics, automation and artificial intelligence make up the Honey.AI team.

Honey.AI is one of our lines of work, focused on the design, manufacturing, and commercialization of equipment for automated honey quality analysis. Our past involvement in the honey industry led us to identify one necessity, to offer fast, cheap, on-site quality analysis of this food. From this need, Honey.AI was born.

Our company also has developed other use cases for fermentation monitoring, and mycelium growth tracking.

Role in TITAN:

With our Titan project pilot, we aim to evolve our current technology already developed to analyze some parameters of honey quality, to be able to act as fast, simple, fraud screening technique. Our system must be able to screen for specific types of fraud in honey based on pollen spectra identification.

the information seen in the analysis will be shared in a QR with the end-user, so the honey packer can share this QR for consumers in the jars.

The Project includes technical development, and several months of testing in different demo sites, including public bodies, cooperatives, and honey packers.