Tellspec manufactures bio photonics portable sensors and develops software and ML predictive models to facilitate rapid and out-of-the-lab analysis of organic substances. Our sensors can test for quality, authenticity, adulteration, and classification. Our technology ensures decision-quality data in real-time, making data collection, access, and management effortless. We work with scientists, engineers, technologists, policymakers, and businesses in food, agriculture, aquaculture, and dairy with the objective to simplify their needs for rapid quality control testing and forensic analysis

Role in TITAN:

Our Titan project pilot is called FishTell. It utilizes portable NIR spectroscopic sensors and AI data analytics to measure accurately crucial parameters for fish freshness. Our objectives include finalizing system development, creating the FishTell digital platform for data visualization and management, validating accuracy of our portable sensors, and piloting the system with stakeholders. Our ultimate goal is to commercialize Fishtell, collaborating with industry stakeholders to uphold rigorous standards and best practices across the salmon industry.