Join the TITAN Focus Groups

The TITAN project aims to transform the food system. For this transformation to take place, transparency in different food supply chains must be enhanced. Consumers themselves must be able to make informed food choices, but for them to have better access to healthy, sustainable, and affordable food, transparent information about the integrity and value of food […]

TITAN at the Food 4 Future Expo 2023 in Bilbao, Spain

The third edition of the Food 4 Future Foodtech Summit was held in Bilbao from May 16th to May 18th. With a special focus on the latest applications of agritech and food technology, data technology, processing techniques, automation and robotics, this year’s event delved into the future of food and beverages. The key topics included […]

Watch the new TITAN project video!

TITAN unveils a video showcasing its 4-year mission to enhance transparency, food safety, and sustainability. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as DNA-based Rapid Detection Methods, Blockchain, AI, and IoT, the project will develop 15 innovative solutions that will drive transparency in agri-food businesses, particularly benefiting SMEs. Moreover, consumers will have access to more transparent information, empowering […]

Webinar on fraud detection

On May 22nd, Work Package 5 of the TITAN Project hosted their first webinar wherein Lylia Abrouk, associate professor at The University of Burgundy presented the methods she uses to detect inconsistencies in data, focusing on possible instances of fraud. Lylia outlined three main approaches to fraud detection:  It is also possible to combine these […]

Webinar on ethics and digital technologies 

Innovative and digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), can enable the transformation of the food system into a demand-driven economy that provides consumers with healthy and sustainable food. These technologies may, however, entail the need for appropriate governance on the part of the technology-providing companies; in the face […]