Work Package 5 meeting in Paris

On January 16th,  the WP5 partners from TITAN Project EU  came together for a meeting in Paris. WP5 is the work package that holds 6 pilots that aim to deliver both transparency & sustainability. The WP5 meeting was organised and led by INRAE. All partners leading a pilot in WP5 were present: Agricolus S.r.l., Agri Marketplace, […]

TITAN at the 36th EFFoST International Conference

TITAN participated in the 36th EFFoST International Conference, where they joined a special session titled “Creating transparency from farm to fork to strengthen trust and create a healthier food system.” During this session, the scientific coordinator, Dr. Edward Sliwinski from EFFoST, and TITAN project partners presented “Transparency solutions for transforming the food system.” The TITAN […]

The TITAN Kick-off meeting

On 12, 13 and 14 September 2022, the 28 project partner organisations composing TITAN met in Brussels for the Kick-off Meeting. With a time horizon of four years, TITAN aims to transform the food system through multiple activities and the Brussels meeting laid the foundation for internal collaboration within the consortium. Several external speakers were invited during the meeting. […]