The TITAN Open Call was successfully closed!

The Open Call was managed by the TITAN partner Foodscale Hub, lasting from October 2nd to December 1st, 2023, via the Open Call Hub – a platform dedicated to running Open Calls, including evaluation of received applications and communicating with all actors in the process. This provided a great opportunity for actors in the agri-food […]

TITAN at the 14th European Nutrition Conferece FENS 2023

The TITAN Consortium made a significant impact on the 17th of November at the FENS Conference 2023 highlighting some of the pilots involved in the project. Held in Belgrade, in a dedicated symposium of the premier nutrition event in Europe, Isabelle Guelinckx of ILSI Europe orchestrated engaging presentations from key partners, including the University of Helsinki, […]

TITAN at the 37th EFFoST International Conference 2023

Just as we did in 2022, the TITAN consortium presented itself on November 8th, 2023, at the annual EFFoST Conference in Valencia, Spain. EFFoST2023 was a highly successful conference with close to 900 delegates, 180 oral presentations and more than 580 poster presentations. Edward Sliwinski of EFFoST chaired the TITAN special session which contained contributions […]

TITAN in the Spotlight: Marta Bisaschi wins Young Researcher Prize

On September, the Italian Society of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Microbiology (SIMTREA) and the University of Parma organized the 7th International Conference on Microbial Diversity 2023, where TITAN Project was present. Marta Bisaschi, a dedicated PhD student specializing in Food Microbiology, made a significant contribution by presenting a poster on the development of a droplet […]

TITAN project showcased at the FoodShift Summer School 2023

The TITAN project was featured at the FoodShift Summer School 2023 in Athens, Greece. Approximately 50 teachers, professors, trainers, and staff from educational institutions and food sector companies gathered to explore, cutting-edge advancements in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure food safety. The topic of the presentation revolved around how harnessing the power of AI in […]

The first TITAN stakeholder workshop sets foundation for a Network of Expertise

The first Stakeholder Board workshop of the TITAN project took place online on June 6th, attracting over 50 participants. The primary objective of the TITAN project is to establish an EU Hub, functioning as a center of expertise and the initial point of contact for promoting and facilitating systemic solutions related to transparency. During the […]

TITAN at the Food 4 Future Expo 2023 in Bilbao, Spain

The third edition of the Food 4 Future Foodtech Summit was held in Bilbao from May 16th to May 18th. With a special focus on the latest applications of agritech and food technology, data technology, processing techniques, automation and robotics, this year’s event delved into the future of food and beverages. The key topics included […]