TITAN Open Call – Call for Expression of Interest for External Evaluators

TITAN is seeking independent evaluators to assess the quality of applications received in response to the TITAN Open Call shortly after its closure. Evaluator Requirements: For more information about the requirements and application procedure, click here TITAN has initiated an Open Call with a budget of €1.25 million to solicit innovative solutions for selecting and […]

Join the TITAN Focus Groups

The TITAN project aims to transform the food system. For this transformation to take place, transparency in different food supply chains must be enhanced. Consumers themselves must be able to make informed food choices, but for them to have better access to healthy, sustainable, and affordable food, transparent information about the integrity and value of food […]

Watch the new TITAN project video!

TITAN unveils a video showcasing its 4-year mission to enhance transparency, food safety, and sustainability. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as DNA-based Rapid Detection Methods, Blockchain, AI, and IoT, the project will develop 15 innovative solutions that will drive transparency in agri-food businesses, particularly benefiting SMEs. Moreover, consumers will have access to more transparent information, empowering […]