Open Call preparation webinar: Funding opportunities through the TITAN & ICAERUS projects’ Open Calls

Our project partner Foodscale Hub has organized an extensive webinar on how to prepare an submit your proposal for the TITAN project’s Open Call of 1,25M!

Discover the funding opportunities available through the HE ICAERUS and the HE TITAN project’s Open Calls. In this webinar, you will find important information on how to successfully prepare your application and maximise your potential to succeed in our Open Calls. You can watch the webinar here

Don’t miss the opportunity to submit your proposal! In total, 1,25M euros is dedicated to fund novel innovations of 8 external pilots in the areas of food safety, transparency, authenticity, sustainability, health and improved food choices.

Who can apply?

The Open Call is targeting high growth FoodTech and AgriTech SME’s, that are following the food system approach, from production to consumption and they are aligned

The TITAN project addresses integrated solutions for transforming the food chain to become more transparent through technological innovation and adapted process and chain management. A comprehensive framework is developed within the project’s Work Plan to effectively support, evaluate, and optimise the demonstration and introduction of innovative techniques and approaches in an objective (quantitative), versatile (considering climate and economic impact while assuring food security) and efficient manner with system-based tools that can be applied food sector wide.

By creating supply chain organisational recommendations, supporting the uptake of transparency solutions, and demonstrating innovative technologies in the pilots designed by SMEs, executed by SMEs for the benefit of SMEs, the TITAN project aims to create most impact beyond the project horizon as these solutions are designed to be rolled out across the food system. Policy analysis will support future actions to increase transparency across food system. Food manufacturers and technology industry will also directly benefit by being able to economically exploit the innovative technologies demonstrated in TITAN pilots for highly relevant food sectors.

You can find more information about the TITAN Open Call here.