Open call

TITAN has launched its Open Call of 1.25M! The applications submission was successfully closed. Thank you for submitting your applications!

In order to contribute to creating a rich and vibrant ecosystem in the food supply chain domain, TITAN organises an Open Call for innovative solutions to select and fund eight of the most innovative and ambitious pilots that will enhance the value of food supply chains through increased transparency. For applicants to be selected for funding via the TITAN Open Call, their solutions must be under the domain of activities of one of three TITAN pilot groups:

1. Food Safety – The main goal of TITAN Food Safety Pilot group is to showcase the potential of innovative technologies, including rapid detection methods and digital tools, primarily designed for SMEs. These technologies aim to enhance transparency within the food chain, thereby boosting both food safety and authenticity. This initiative benefits producers by identifying market options and buyers by enabling diversified procurement based on quality and ethical considerations.

2. SustainabilityThe main objective of TITAN Sustainability Pilot group is to show the potential of innovative digital technologies developed by and for SMEs to increase transparency in the food chain and stimulate sustainability for the different actors. All pilots within this group must improve access to clear and trustable information and data about the food production conditions and quality control requirements that add value for actors in the food supply chain, and possibly to end users, in terms of sustainability.

3. HealthThe overall aim of the pilots for Health is to show the potential of a set of innovative technologies to increase transparency in the food chain that will enable consumers to make improved food choices with regard to health. Consumers today prioritize health and sustainability in their dietary choices, driving a need for accessible and reliable food information. Education programs are pivotal in empowering all age groups.

TITAN Key Areas of Expertise

TITAN is a 4-year Horizon Europe R&I project with the ambition to build transparency in food supply chains via implementation of innovative (mainly digital) technologies to boost the health, sustainability, and safety of products, processes, and diets.

In TITAN we have identified 4 different Key Areas of Expertise (KAE) where all activities in the consortium can be categorised:

1. Enabling consumers to make informed food choices:

TITAN will support consumers, including kids, to make healthy and sustainable food choices. Healthy meaning: (i) safe, (ii) authentic, and in line with dietary recommendations. Sustainable meaning: good for the planet, the people and the economy. Informed meaning: (i) true and complete information on the label and using additional tools for communication like QR codes and (ii) designing and testing specific approaches to better inform the consumer.

2. Facilitating supply chain sustainability:

TITAN will facilitate supply chain actors to build sustainable supply chains: (i) by taking proper care of earth’s natural resources, (ii) by addressing the social challenges (forced labour, decent pay, equal pay) and (iii) by promoting viable economic activities. Traceability is key in sustainable supply chain management, and a key aspect is to detect the first mile of a product supply chain.

3. Development and implementation of new innovative technologies:

Key characteristic of TITAN is that in each pilot new technologies are development and implemented. In TITAN we recognise three categories: (I) rapid detection methods (portable, DNA-Based, Chemical bio-affinity and sensors), (ii) Information technologies (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Blockchain/Web3, interconnectivity/IoT) and (iii) technologies specific for sustainability.

4. Taking the food system approach:

In all its activities TITAN intends to follow to food system approach, meaning that we are considering the entire chain, taking into account the production, processing, distribution and consumption of food as well as sustainability, climate change and the recovery of biodiversity.

When applying for the TITAN Open Call, the applicants should consider the following:

  • the applications should be in line with the food system approach (KAE #4),
  • the application involves the development and implementation of a new technology (KAE #3),
  • the application addresses a solution for an issue related to: (i) enabling consumers to make informed food choices (KAE #1) and/or facilitating supply chain sustainability (KAE #2),
  • the application should preferably lead to an innovation that can bring value via a viable business case.

For more information about the Open Call procedure please read carefully the following materials:

Annex 1 – Open Call Text that provides information regarding the TITAN Open Call for the respective applicants. 

Annex 2 – Guidelines for Applicants that set out the guidelines for participation in the TITAN Open Call for respective applicants. It also includes the eligibility and evaluation criteria.

Annex 3 – Application Template with questions that need to be addressed by the applicants.

Annex 4 – Declaration of Honour which declares that all conditions of the Open Call are accepted by the applying entity’s legal representative.

Annex 5 – Declaration of Conducting Business which evaluates the status of the entity applying for the TITAN Open Call.

Annex 6 – Consortium Declaration document mandatory for applicants who apply as members of a small consortium of up to three entities.

Annex 7 – Bank Account Form which collects information on the applicant’s bank account where the TITAN payments will be transferred to (only for winners of the Open Call)

Annex 8 – Model Subgrantee Agreement that the successful Pilots will be requested to sign. (only for winners of the Open Call)

The TITAN Open Call, provides a fertile breeding ground of ideas and solutions for businesses to thrive within the new strategy of the European Green Deal.

TITAN comprises a broad mix of cutting-edge technology providers SMEs and start-ups, linked to leading research centers and agri-food stakeholders. The project is led by industry-facing, not-for-profit organizations with extensive outreach capabilities within Europe and beyond that will enhance the transferability and upscaling, and impact of TITAN solutions and provide the building blocks of a demand-driven economy that provides healthy, sustainable, and accessible food for its citizens.