Agricolus is an innovative company working in Smart Farming  sector. Agricolus goal is to support all the actors of the agrifood  chain with its digital tools. The mission of Agricolus is: “Make AgriTech sustainable”.

The Agricolus platform is composed of the best technologies for agriculture that allow farmers to manage their farms efficiently according to sustainability goals. Agricolus is able to process vegetation indices from satellite, develop forecast models and new features that respond to the needs of players in the agri-food chain.

The advantage  is having  all  these tools  available within  a single,  easy-to-use  platform, able  to  integrate data from  different sources and  provide farmers with  a Decision  Support  System (DSS)  in  order to act in the right time according to the real needs of the crop.

Also, Agricolus has an approach to sustainability called “Triple Win” that can be achieved through the use of the platform and its technologies:

  • Reduction of the environmental impact;
  • Optimization of the agricultural costs;
  • Improvement of the quality of food; 

Role in TITAN

  • developing a new traceability tool for helping tomato and rice farmers to collect data for their supply chains;
  • contribute to the transformation of the food sector into a demand-driven economy that provides consumers with healthy and sustainable food.