AI Talentum is a technology provider SME bringing on board their expertise in turning data into valuable knowledge for companies, to improve and optimise the decision-making processes. The company has extensive examples of AI-based software tools for commercial use in different sectors relying on several common characteristics: heterogeneity of data, structured and non-structured data, combination of public and private data sources, real-time analysis, predictive and simulation features, personalized end-user interfaces, reports…providing full-stack solutions that meet all the requirements to be covered.  Companies activate data knowledge in real time by turning the process data into management information. This allows data-driven decisions through data collected in real-time by human-interfaces, machines, IoT or software integrations.

Our competences cover:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Algorithm development and Data mining
  • Data Intelligence (integration, management, analytics insights)
  • Classification, simulation, predictive analysis and recommendation models
  • Parallel programming
  • Metaheuristic optimization
  • Image-to-text recognition (OCR)
  • Machine vision systems
  • Vehicle route optimization and GIS
  • Web services, apps, platforms and graphic interfaces development
  • Data visualization, graphic representation
  • Chatbots

Role in TITAN:

In TITAN project, AI Talentum is taking part in two demonstrator pilots by developing and implementing AI-based solutions.

  • Development of a traceability system and food safety testing for the presence of undeclared food allergens.
  • 360° Healthy nutritional habits tool for kids.

AI Talentum is also involved in:

  • Supporting the development of recommendations to implement new technologies to increase transparency on food safety
  • Supporting the development of recommendations to implement new technologies to help consumers to make improved food choices.