AZTI ( is a science and technology centre specialising in the marine environment and food that develops high-impact transformation projects with organisations aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN. Our purpose is to drive positive change for the future of humankind, contributing to a healthy, sustainable and fair society. We provide cutting-edge, value-added products and technologies grounded in sound science and research.

In order to generate wealth and well-being for society, and from a circular economy perspective, we work on the creation of sustainable and healthy solutions in different fields of application:

–       the more efficient and sustainable production of seafood; 

–       the conservation and sustainable use of the seas and their resources; 

–       the search for solutions and adaptation to climate change; 

–       enhancing the safety of maritime and coastal activity; 

–       consumer knowledge;

–       the development of new, more competitive and sustainable production and conservation processes; 

–       the promotion of healthy eating; 

–       and the improvement of food safety.

Role in TITAN:

AZTI is leading a pilot case that is designing a tool in order to provide educational content of interest to children aged 9-12 years towards healthy nutritional habits to avoid health problems caused by prolonged poor diet by using artificial intelligence technologies. The app consists in an interactive place where children can learn from food by playing and interacting with a chatbot focused on their needs. Azti would contribute to creating the content for the chatbot, and the game, test the solution in Spain and lead several co-creation tasks and consumer behaviour research to help design.  

AZTI is also part of a pilot case, which is focused on improving the sustainability of the food chain. Specifically, we are collaborating in the development of innovative digital technologies designed for producers, so that they can identify market options, and buyers, to diversify their procurement selection based on quality and ethical criteria. This will result in less food rejection and waste,  more stability of growers’ income and in the selection of more fair, sustainable and ethical product sources.

Finally, AZTI, is also an active part of the dissemination work package, contributing to the Stakeholder board creation engagement.