CONSENTIO is a leader in the digitization of the Global Food Supply Chain Industry, since 2019. Its principal product is a SaaS-enabled trading platform that enhances B2B commerce within the fresh produce industry which already boasts well over 9,000+ registered companies, 12,000+ monthly orders representing an average of €40m monthly GMV. It has a full- time staff of 30 employees of which over 50% is focused on technological developments and the remainder are food industry experts, managing clients in 4 different countries within Europe and USA. 

CONSENTIO technology, consisting in a multi device platform (smartphone, tablet, or computer) allows users to:

  • Connect suppliers and buyers of fresh Fruits & Vegetables to streamline access to product information, negotiation, and direct access to updated product descriptions thus reducing product rejection risks.
  • Allow the trade industry to speed up, make profitable and optimized all their transactions and business flows, faster and more efficiently.
  • Communicate instantly through a secure and confidential corporate Chat,
  • Automate orders from most international and national retailers,
  • Integrate seamlessly with most relevant ERP software solutions including SAP, Sage, Microsoft Navision, etc.
  • Setup the logistics.

Role in TITAN:

To increase efficiency of commercial transactions, Consentio will develop

  • A common description language for fresh produce, including all set of cases and other, calculated or not, parameters like social and sustainability parameters. Increasing the transparency of produce.
  • A buying algorithm to assist fresh produce purchase manager of Food Retail Chain, in their buying decision based on suppliers’ connected inventory and product description.