Foodscale Hub (FSH) is an NGO located in two countries, Serbia and Greece, working to accelerate the shift to tech-enabled innovations in the agrifood sector. Foodscale Hub simultaneously acts as a market maker and product innovator for new and novel food products that are both healthy and less damaging to the environment. FSH is also an accelerator that targets Agri-FoodTech founders — in all parts of the agrifood value chain, during every stage of their journey.
A diverse and highly-skilled team of over 30 people have been participating in many H2020 and Horizon Europe, as well as other collaborative research and innovation projects focusing on different tasks related to dissemination, communication, exploitation, business modeling, delivering business support programmes and financial support to third parties, etc.

Foodscale Hub’s mission is to empower sustainable routes to growth; by blending innovation with scaling. Through its unique engagement model, FSH partners with global entrepreneurs, investors, and other ecosystem players to build and grow ventures that will achieve measurable positive impact.

Role in TITAN:

·        Open call management and provision of business support services to both internal and external pilots/SMEs,

·        Exploitation activities and business modelling for both internal and external pilots and their SMEs, as well as for the project as a whole,

·        Assisting the project coordinator with the overall legal, financial, and administrative management activities.