QualityChain is a Swiss company specializing in enhancing transparency within the food and drink industry through the innovative use of QR Codes and blockchain traceability. By leveraging these advanced technologies, QualityChain aims to establish trust between consumers and food & drink businesses, while promoting sustainability, authenticity, and quality throughout the supply chain. In addition to its core services, QualityChain also explores the potential of food products to promote tourism, contributing to the growth of local economies.  QualityChain collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders, including food & drink companies, policymakers, and technology providers, supporting the adoption of innovative technologies that encourage sustainable practices and responsible sourcing in the food & drink sector. 

Role in TITAN: 

As a key partner in the TITAN project, QualityChain takes on the following responsibilities: 

  • Leading a pilot initiative focused on creating a simple and affordable blockchain traceability system for SMEs; 
  • Leading another pilot aimed at developing a new type of QR Code employing steganography for enhanced anti-counterfeiting purposes; 
  • Collaborating with other TITAN project partners to ensure successful implementation and integration of these new technologies into the food & drink supply chain; 
  • Engaging in communication and dissemination activities to raise awareness of the benefits of increased transparency in the food supply chain.