Symbeeosis is a company that produces highly active, premium nutritional supplements, functional honey and teas. Symbeeosis’ products are 100% natural & organic and mainly made with Greek ingredients – and produced with care for people and respect for the planet. Strong belief of the company is that better health comes from better nutrition and its purpose is to produce food products embracing sustainability+, creativity, and innovation. At this moment the company is also active in the primary sector by having its own crops and beehives based on organic and regenerative practices and gives great importance also in supporting a stable network of raw material providers. At this point the step of supplier verification is crucial for the company and is always open to new technologies especially in developing an effective traceability system which would be the key to ensure food safety and prevent food safety hazards. 

Role in TITAN: 

  • Real-time & intelligent data sharing for verification of honey and herbs suppliers
  • Contributing to the development of a digital platform that provides risk monitoring, risk assessment and risk prediction services
  • Participating in the communication and dissemination activities of project developments.