The TITAN Open Call was successfully closed!

The Open Call was managed by the TITAN partner Foodscale Hub, lasting from October 2nd to December 1st, 2023, via the Open Call Hub – a platform dedicated to running Open Calls, including evaluation of received applications and communicating with all actors in the process. This provided a great opportunity for actors in the agri-food system who wish to contribute to enhancing the transparency within the food system value chain.

The Open Call aims to onboard innovative external pilots to the TITAN project network, operating in the following domains:

  • Food Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Health

Under the Open Call, the TITAN project plans to fund 8 external pilots subprojects, each consisting of 1-3 members (as the TITAN Open Call accepted applications both from single entities and small consortia of up to three members). The total sum for the Open Call is 1,250,640.00 €, with each pilot set to receive financial support of 156,330.00 €.

The response to the TITAN Open Call was exceptional, where 67 applications were submitted from Europe and beyond, by applicants from 29 different countries across the 3 Pilot groups targeted by the project. Out of received 67 applications, one was a duplicate and one applicant decided to withdraw from the Open Call, meaning that 65 out of 67 applications advanced to the evaluation stage.

Out of these 65 applications, 42 are from single applicants while 23 came from applying small consortia. Most applications were received in the domain of Sustainability (28 applications), whereas 25 applications were received in the domain of Food Safety and 12 applications were received in the domain of Health.

Currently, the eligible applications are being assessed by the external evaluators, and we look forward to conducting Online interviews with top applicants that advance to the next stage in January 2024!