TITAN at the Food 4 Future Expo 2023 in Bilbao, Spain

The third edition of the Food 4 Future Foodtech Summit was held in Bilbao from May 16th to May 18th. With a special focus on the latest applications of agritech and food technology, data technology, processing techniques, automation and robotics, this year’s event delved into the future of food and beverages. The key topics included Industry 4.0, sustainable food production and healthy nutrition. Our TITAN partners were there to represent the project and showcase the digital innovative solutions we are demonstrating, to enable transparency in food supply chains.

The summit featured 287 exhibiting firms, each presenting their latest solutions in robotics and automation, processing, and packaging machinery for the food industry. These innovative companies demonstrated how they are transforming the food-tech sector and driving innovation. Additionally, over 8.000 international experts attended the event, exploring and analyzing the technological trends that are shaping the new era of food.

Throughout the three-day event, our partners actively participated as moderators and speakers in various sessions and panels. Notably, QualityChain, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, and Consentio led a session on Opportunities in Food Supply Chain Traceability, moderated by Edward Sliwinski from the European Federation of Food Science and Technology. During this session, our partners highlighted the significant opportunities available for food industry companies to leverage traceability. Additionally, TotalCtr, ILSI Europe, AI Talentum, AZTI, and Agricolus served as moderators in different sessions.

On the first day of the expo, TITAN took the stage alongside ILSI Europe, Agri Marketplace, Agricolus, Consentio, TotalCtrl, AI Talentum, and QualityChain. In a thirty-minute presentation titled “Digital Innovations for Making the Food System Transparent“., they shared TITAN’s objective to transform the food system through innovative technologies, improve food choices for consumers, and highlighted some of the pilot projects that will be developed using technologies like Rapid Detection Methods, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence.

To conclude this remarkable experience on a high note, our partner Agricolus was honored with ‘The Most Innovative Digitalization Solution for the Food and Beverage Industry’ award, a significant recognition.

As consumers increasingly demand transparency and accountability from the food industry, food supply chain traceability becomes paramount. By enhancing food safety, building customer trust, reducing food waste, complying with regulations, and developing new business models, companies can improve their competitiveness and stay relevant in the ever-evolving marketplace. TITAN stands ready to facilitate this process and make it easier for businesses to embrace these changes.