TITAN in the Spotlight: Marta Bisaschi wins Young Researcher Prize

On September, the Italian Society of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Microbiology (SIMTREA) and the University of Parma organized the 7th International Conference on Microbial Diversity 2023, where TITAN Project was present.

Marta Bisaschi, a dedicated PhD student specializing in Food Microbiology, made a significant contribution by presenting a poster on the development of a droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) assay for the detection and quantification of aerobic spore formers in plant-based food supplements. The design of this assay was conducted within the scope of the TITAN project and resulted in it being very fast, effective, and sensitive, aligning perfectly with TITAN’s objectives.

Not only did Marta represent TITAN exceptionally, delivering great results and insights to the project, but she was awarded the Young Researcher Prize.

Her passion for Microbiology in the agri-food field, drove her to become part of the TITAN project, with the aim to improve traceability and safety of plant-based products.
Reflecting on her great achievement, Marta shared, “This was the first academic event I ever attended and, surprisingly, I was awarded the Young Researcher Prize! I’m very happy about this achievement and I want to thank my tutors, Professor Vania Patrone and Professor Lorenzo Morelli, for guiding me so far.”