TITAN Practice Abstracts

As part of the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program, multi-actor projects are required to generate practice abstracts. These abstracts, developed in a standardized format derived from the collective experiences of Member States, are designed to amplify the visibility and acknowledgment of researchers’ contributions within practice-focused, interactive innovation endeavors.

The EIP-AGRI website serves as the home for an EU repository of practice abstracts, streamlining the evaluation of research impact on practical application. This mirrors the function of research abstracts in peer-reviewed journals.

Practice abstracts fulfill various roles, offering end users valuable insights, supporting advisory services, stimulating discourse on critical topics, and enhancing awareness of EU project outcomes.

A practice abstract is a concise summary designed to convey readily accessible information to practitioners. These documents provide insights, recommendations, or practical strategies beneficial for the daily activities of end-users.

TITAN project was not the exception, and we received several interesting abstracts, touching on different relevant food topics related to our project’s goals. You can access these abstracts on TITAN’s website under the ‘resources’ tab.