TITAN at the 14th European Nutrition Conferece FENS 2023

The TITAN Consortium made a significant impact on the 17th of November at the FENS Conference 2023 highlighting some of the pilots involved in the project. Held in Belgrade, in a dedicated symposium of the premier nutrition event in Europe, Isabelle Guelinckx of ILSI Europe orchestrated engaging presentations from key partners, including the University of Helsinki, Quality Chain, and Queen’s University of Belfast, collectively representing objectives and ambitions of TITAN Project in enhancing transparency in the food system.

In the session titled “A digital chatbot, the play-way to educate children and parents on nutritional habits,” Maijaliisa Erkkola unveiled initial outcomes from TITAN’s collaborative venture to develop an AI chatbot. Aimed to promote healthier choices among children and parents, the pilot program raised significant interest, especially by sharing the first results of the surveys across communities in three different countries: Spain, Finland, and Poland.

Ciro Borrelli of QualityChain in the session “A QR code, so much more than just a link” presented two impactful pilots showcasing the versatility of QR codes in visually presenting vast amounts of data. QualityChain’s ongoing development of a Blockchain traceability software, tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, emerged as a crucial step towards wider industry adoption.

The session “Developing the Sus-Health index,” led by Jayne Woodside of Queen’s University of Belfast, offered a comprehensive overview of the Sus-Health index objectives within TITAN. This innovative metric, combining nutritional value with environmental impact, aims to assess and influence consumer behaviour through Living Labs in canteens and quick meal restaurants. Having successfully undergone testing in Northern Ireland, the Sus-Health index is poised for trials in Spain, the Netherlands, and additional European countries as part of the TITAN initiative.

TITAN’s active participation at the FENS Conference 2023 not only spotlighted the latest progresses within the project but also affirmed its commitment for a safe and sustainable nutrition through innovative technologies.