TITAN Project at Food 4 Future Expo 2024

As every year, the Food 4 Future Expo 2024 took place in Bilbao, Spain, and different partners from the TITAN Project attended this event representing the project.

Food 4 Future – Expo Foodtech is an event where innovation, sustainability and digitalization converge to shape the future of the food industry. This year’s edition took place from 16 – 18 April, 2024 and focused on Foodtech 6.0.

The Expo showcased innovative projects and solutions aiming to transform the food sector towards a more efficient, sustainable and technological model. TITAN participated in the event to learn about the latest trends and technological solutions in AI, robotics, automation, IoT, as well as new ingredients.

During this three-day event, our partners Agricolus, Microbion, Agri Marketplace, AZTI, ILSI and EFFoST attended on behalf of TITAN and interacted in different special sessions and with participants to share the mission and vision of our project. Additionally, our new pilots ChefChain, FlevoFood, Tellspec, Open Food Chain and Zunibal joined the event for the first time as part of the TITAN project.

During the second day of the event Luis Pires from Tellspec, Damien Taylor from ChefChain, Antonio Del Casale from Microbion and Blade Brink from Open Food Chain presented a special session on ‘How technology helps sustainability and food safety’, where they discussed what their role is on TITAN and how they are working together to improve transparency and sustainability in the supply chain. This session was moderated by Edward Sliwinski from another TITAN partner, EFFoST.

The event ended with yet another positive note, as Agricolus won for the second consecutive year the most Innovative Solution on Digitalization award for the Food and Beverage Industry.