TITAN project highlighted in European Commission’s latest report on R&I policy for Sustainable Food Systems

In the latest publication released by the European Commission titled “Pathways for Action 2.0: R&I Policy as a driver for sustainable, healthy, climate resilient, and inclusive food systems”, the TITAN project has gathered attention in the dedicated section of “Data and Digital Transformation”.

The TITAN project, has emerged as a noteworthy contributor to the digital transformation of food systems. Recognized for its innovative approach, the project aligns with the European Commission’s vision for fostering sustainability, health, climate resilience, and inclusivity in food systems through research and innovation (R&I) policies.

Under the “Data and Digital Transformation” section, the report acknowledges the TITAN Project’s role in leveraging data and digital technologies to enhance transparency, traceability, and overall sustainability across the food supply chain. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and data-driven solutions, the TITAN Project exemplifies the potential of R&I initiatives in driving positive change within the food sector.

This publication serves as an update on the European Commission’s Food 2030 initiative, offering valuable insights to shape future research and innovation policies within the framework of Horizon Europe, the farm-to-fork strategy, the European Green Deal, and beyond. Highlighting 11 pathways for action, the report emphasizes the tangible co-benefits that research and innovation can deliver in areas such as nutrition, climate, circularity, and community engagement, spanning from local to international levels. The report emphasizes the need for transformations that extend into social, legal, economic, financial, ethical, and philosophical dimensions, stressing the importance of fully integrating these aspects into future research and innovation policy and programs.

You can find the full publication here.