Work Package 5 meeting in Paris

On January 16th,  the WP5 partners from TITAN Project EU  came together for a meeting in Paris.

WP5 is the work package that holds 6 pilots that aim to deliver both transparency & sustainability.

The WP5 meeting was organised and led by INRAE. All partners leading a pilot in WP5 were present: Agricolus S.r.l., Agri Marketplace, AZTI, Consentio, Sakana Consultants, The New Fork, and TotalCtrl

During the meeting, the partners had the possibility to update each other on the progress of their pilots and develop ways of working for the better management of the activities by the different partners and to get prepared for delivering input to the upcoming deliverable in March.

It was also the opportunity to discuss and give the first feedback about the 2 hour interview which was held with each pilot in December 2022. Those interviews gave the time to each pilot to present their company, showing a demo of their project followed by a series of questions/answers.

A report of each interviews have been written in order to be in the First Deliverable for the European Commission in March 2023.

The meeting in Paris was divided into several themes and presented by Pascal Neveu (INRAE), Isabelle Piot-Lepetit (INRAE), Elizabeth Arnaud (Alliance Biodiversity-CIAT) and Fatima El Hadad-Gauthier (IAMM) with the help of Zoé Mangin (INRAE).

  1. Analysis for Data Quality
  2. Metadata and Ontologies for the Food Supply Chain
  3. Sustainability KPI
  4. Ecosystem of Digital Solutions

They, all together, discuss about the next actions they had to lead and how they could collaborate and what kind of tools/process are required such as new digital solutions. For instance, #SMEs or digital technologies like #AI, #BigData, #IoT, #Blockchain and #Web3

What’s more, Andrea Colafranceschi from ILSI and Zoé Mangin gave videos interviews to each representant of the pilot in order to feed the communication of the project on social networks and the website.

To conclude, this Meeting was a great success and a great opportunity to each pilot to meet each other in person. The discussions were intensively interesting and helped for the future collaboration.